Participation in the Big Sky Pride 2015 raffle costs $2 per entry, $5 for 3 entries or $15 for 10 entries. Proceeds from this raffle support the Western Montana Community Center and Big Sky Pride Celebration. The Western Montana Gay & Lesbian Community Center is located at 127 N. Higgins Ave, Suite 202, Missoula, MT 59802. The raffle will be performed in accordance to Montana Administrative Rule 23.16.2602 'Raffle General Requirements, Authorized Random Selection Processes and Record Keeping Requirements'. In accordance with state and federal regulations, the Western Montana Gay & Lesbian Community Center will retain record of total proceeds collected, a detailed description of prizes awarded, a description of the selection process used to determine the winners, a record of prize sources, a record of any administrative costs incurred with the raffle, the name and address of the persons awarded prizes and a detailed record of the distribution of the charitable raffle proceeds. The sale of raffle tickets may only be performed by cash or check. Payment by credit card, electronic banking or online sales through Paypal, Square or similar services is strictly prohibited. Online sales of raffle tickets is strictly prohibited. Drawing for all raffle items will occur on Sunday, June 21st, 2015 at a location to be determined by Big Sky Pride Celebration and announced during the Big Sky Pride Celebration.

Further inquiries please contact us.